Lunch Buffet

Lunch – Open buffet with food that changes approx. every 2 months.

The buffet foods listed below change depending on the day of the week,.

Chicken in oystersauce

Chicken – green curry

Kung Pao chicken

Chicken Panang-curry

Chicken Masman-curry

Chicken – red curry

Chicken – yellow curry

Beef – black pepper

Beef in Oystersauce

Beef with cumin

Pork with fermented blackbeans

Pork – black pepper

Yuxiang Pork

Double fried porkchops

Pork in sweet & sour

Steamed tofu with prawn

Green beans with prawn

Prawn with vegetables

Salt & pepper prawn

Eggs with tomato

Steamed fish

Fried fish

Fried vegetables

Mapo tofu

Stewed tofu

Chu Hou Tofu

Yuxiang eggplant

Sweet & sour eggplant

Eggplant with greenbeans

Fried duck

Steamed bun with pork


Steamed bun with sweet milk cream

Fried rice noodles

Fried noodles

Chicken nuggets

Spring rolls

Spicy & sour soup

Miso soup

Corn & chicken soup

Seaweed & chicken soup

Tom yung goong soup

Tofu & seaweed soup